2nd Force: Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Close More. We'll Do The Rest.

Do you feel like your marketing budget is out of your control?

This force analyzes how much power your suppliers have over your business.
In the case of digital marketing, suppliers are companies like Google and FB that can increase the cost of advertising on their platforms, and adjust the terms to be more favorable for them, lowering your profits.

When you use third party pixels and tracking software, you’re essentially renting YOUR contacts back from your suppliers in the form of an opportunity to advertise on their platforms. They’re the powerful business partners you never knew you had!

Our Identity Resolution technology takes the power back by allowing YOU to own the data, not Google or FB. This allows you to advertise on any platform you want, and not be stuck with unfavorable terms.

Your data can also be used to make incredible lookalike audiences, plummeting the cost of ads so you can reach more prospects for less money, increasing your profits.

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