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5th Force: Threat of Substitutes

Are you concerned about becoming obsolete to new products and services? This force studies how easy it is for clients to switch from your services to a different service altogether… i.e. FSBO, Quicken Rocket Loans, etc. Fortunately, 87% of new home buyers still worked with an agent in 2018. This most likely has to do…
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4th Force: Threat of New Entrants

Are you losing market share to new professionals in the marketplace? This force examines the difficulty for new professionals to join your industry. Your market share is at risk of being depleted if it’s easy for competition to join the marketplace. Every new agent needs clients to survive. Clients that work with a new agent…
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3rd Force: Bargaining Power of Clients

Do you feel like you are bending over backwards for pushy clients? Clients will force your commissions down or demand more attention and value from you, costing you profits. Our technology keeps your funnel full by discovering prospects before anybody else, helping you maintain your negotiating power with new clients. When you have MORE prospects,…
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2nd Force: Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Do you feel like your marketing budget is out of your control? This force analyzes how much power your suppliers have over your business.In the case of digital marketing, suppliers are companies like Google and FB that can increase the cost of advertising on their platforms, and adjust the terms to be more favorable for…
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1st Force: Competitive Rivalry

Are you struggling to find a competitive advantage over your rivals? This force examines how intense the competition is in the marketplace. When competition is high, compromises are made, like reducing commission and offering more value to clients for less. Our technology helps you discover new clients before your rivals even know they exist, winning…
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There Are 5 Forces Competing For Your Profits

Do you know about the 5 forces fighting for your profits? They are always working to reduce your market share, in any industry, on any day. We are going to analyze these 5 forces to help you understand what they are and what we do to address them, winning more profits for you. Watch the…
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